I almost fell off a horse tonight…..

Yep, it’s true. I take riding lessons and during the transition from trot to canter, Rev, an adorable little Red Arabian cheated and cut the corner, so I lost my stirrup and balance and was sliding over to the side, scaring little ole Revie that he broke into a full freaked-out gallop around the other corner. Determined not to fall off, I gained my witts and quickly regained balance (with some serious leg action!) and while calming him down with some sweet nothings, pulled him into a walk.
WOOOOO, THAT was Exciting! I was Immediately encouraged by my trainer, who thought I was goin’ down for Sure, that she was totally impressed and that THAT was some serious riding! I was ellated that I impressed the TRAINER. Hee hee.
I think that is what I love about riding a horse….it’s dangerous and exillerating and that’s what makes it FUN. Not to mention, they are such amazing creatures.
Maybe that’s why I like guns….they’re dangerous and seriously fun to shoot! Do any of you like to shoot? Ooooo, are you anti-gun? That’s cool. I believe that there are a lot of looneyheads that shouldn’t have one, but also, you’d be surprised how many times you walk into a restaurant and there are about two or three that carry and you’d never even know it! Well, I DO live in the south……
SO—-, maybe with my bow and arrows, my 38 Special Smith&Wesson custom made revolver, and our spunky little Arabian, I could be my own Pocahontas/Xenia.

Update for ya’lls.

Well, here’s my first offical post for 2006. I gotta say this year has been jammmm packed. I have been so busy with the new songs and demos and tracks and recording and webstuffs and blah blah blah, yet it has been exhillarating! Lots of hard work that I can be proud of, and I am. I am running like crazy cuz’ I sincerly desire to release the new album in summer-this year. Since it is my first solo project away from ‘nanyana, the band’, I am keeping with my name and calling this new piece ‘Summer‘.

Those of you who don’t know, I have been working with the Dabel Brothers (http://www.dabelbrothers.com). They’re Fantastic, folks. Check out their site. They have deemed me worthy, been ever so generous and have been working on my new album cover. Yeehaw! It is going to be awesome! They do graphic novels  and illustrations of all sorts, and creating a beautiful caricature of me. I can’t wait! THANK you Dabel Brothers! I have also been acquiring quite the equestrian blood. I starting taking riding lessons for a Christmas gift, and dude, I have been eaten by the equine bug, not bitten-but eaten…Whole… In one chomp. I have always had an affinity for horses all throught the history of my life, and finally decided to dive into it, and that has been the other thing taking up my time these days. Riding horses. I start jonesing about Thursday and ‘fester’ if I can’t get to the barn on the weekends. HA, yes it’s that bad. So, if you have ever wondered what you can get me for my special days, buy me a horse farm with my pick of ponies!

I will leave you now. Have good however long it takes you to get back here. I send my love to endure until then.